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American Champion
Mexican Champion
Mexican Grand Champion
Champion of the Americas
Latin American Champion
Temperament Title

Gates Mills Absolutely Regal

 CH TuRo's Futurian of Cachet  X  AmCCH Oakcrest's Forget-Me-Not

Breeders: Sandie Jacobs and Gary Steele

ABC 2005 1st Place 8-10 Veteran Bitch

Francesca celebrates her 10th birthday!

Francesca celebrates her 11th birthday!

Francesca celebrates her 12th birthday!

Although shown sparingly, Francesca's titles were earned very quickly and she has been recognized  by judges from several countries.

Her American Championship was earned on the Brush  Prairie Circuit with three 5 point majors, her first weekend in the U.S. with Gary Steele.   She was BOW at the Oregon Boxer Club under judge Marion Mason Hodesson, BOW at the Portland Kennel Club under judge Kimberly Anne Meredith, and WB at the Willamette Valley Kennel Club under judge Marion Dee Ward-Fanning.

Her Mexican Championship was earned in two weekends with one BOB over Specials and Group 4 under judge Luis Vargas Durán of Costa Rica.  She earned her Mexican Grand Championship in Acapulco in one four day weekend.

At the 1999 World Show in Mexico City, she won a BOS earning the 1999 Ch. of the Americas title.  The judge was Steffi Kirschbichler of AUSTRIA, a "Working Dog" judge since 1963.

To earn Latin American Championship points, a dog must win BOB or BOS in a Latin American Circuit.  Each win is 5 points and 25 points are required for the title, however only 20 points can be accumulated in one circuit.  In 1999, at the annual Latin American Circuit in Mexico City, Francesca won 20 points.  At the same circuit in 2000, eight months after whelping puppies, she won another 10 points to complete her title.  The following judges gave her points:

RBOB . Ralph Scoggins-USA
BOS .. Jacqueline Quiroz-ARGENTINA
BOS .. Geraldine Church-MEXICO
BOS .. Oscar Valverde-COSTA RICA
BOB .. Adrian Aguirre-MEXICO

Francesca also has her four FCI International points from judges of four different countries.  She is not an International Champion however, as Boxers must also pass a working dog trial (in this case tracking) and earn one "leg" in obedience, before the title is awarded.  The following judges gave her points:

BOB .. Carlos Renau-SPAIN
BOS .. Valerio Rivero-MEXICO
RBOS .. Archie Warnock-CANADA
BOS .. Ricardo Torres Simoes-BRASIL
Among her Group wins, two of the most memorable were awarded by judges from JAPAN.  Masao Itoi, then president of the Japanese Kennel Club, gave her a Group 1 and Takahiro Miyagawa gave her a Group 4.

Francesca's wins under foreign judges are very special to me as an owner-handlerů...for I can feel we've truly earned these on our own merit.

I would also like to thank the following judges for recognizing Francesca: Betty Leininger, Ikerne Zugasti de Garmendia, Jose Luis Garcia, Sergio Perea Rio de la Loza, Javier Ramirez, Enrique Gonzalez, and Cesar Gutierrez. 

Francesca was handled to her Temperament Title by my special friend, coach and trainer Carlos Roberto Hernandez Montano.  Over thirty dogs representing several breeds participated in the trial, and at the end, the judges made an announcement recognizing Francesca as having the highest temperament score of the day.  I have not been to one of these trials before or since, where the judges have made a point of recognizing a particular dog.  Usually no scores are made known.  It was another very special day.

Francesca gave me another thrill during her most recent outing to the 2005 American Boxer Club Specialty in Ft. Mitchell KY, where she took first place in the 8-10 Veteran Bitch class judged by Mrs. Billie McFadden.

4 years of age
Clear (Dr. Sonya Gordon, Texas A&M)
Flow Rate 1.96
4 years of age
1 PVC (Dr. Braz-Ruivo)
OFA Thyroid: 

Francesca's Pups Sired by
AmCanCH Talisman Arriba Silverado, SOM
MexCH Gates Mills Regal Desire, TT
AmMexCH Gates Mills Regal Marquis, TT